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There is boundless joy at Cherish. Because Cherish now celebrates its 1st birthday and announces the birth of its first baby. The baby was born on 6th May 2009. Cherish is the only centre in Karnataka and 2nd in South India which has the Polscope and this is the first baby in Karnataka to be born using the Polscope for IVF (test tube baby treatment) procedure. Certainly, this birthday brings limitless happiness to everyone at Cherish.

Know more about Polscope

The baby girl was born to Mrs. Sunitha 34, who underwent an IVF/ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) procedure assisted by the Polscope at Cherish after being married for 3½ yrs. The baby is healthy and doing well.

Polscope, an advanced microscope, help us to grade and choose the eggs most suitable for fertilization, avoid damage to spindle and chromosomes during IVF/ ICSI procedure, thereby enhancing the fertilization rates and embryo quality. Thus, it can help us to pick out and transfer only the healthier embryos, thereby increasing the pregnancy rate, mainly for women with less number of eggs, in older women and those with previous failed IVF/ ICSI.

Oosight spindle imaging system(CRI-USA)

A first in Karnataka, this state-of-art equipment is equipped with Nikon TE 2000 Eclipse Inverted Microscope, RI, Diode Laser System-Saturn and Oosight Imaging System for error-free results


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