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It is the method by which semen is directly placed in the uterus with the help of a catheter. The semen undergoes special media treatment and the process of centrifugation to achieve a better concentration of healthy and motile sperms, and to eliminate certain unnecessary and harmful components.


IUI: Step-by-Step

Ovulation Induction – IUI can be done in a natural cycle. However, to getbetter results, it is usually preceded by ovulation induction/ovarian stimulation, using appropriate fertility enhancing drugs. In order to attain 1 to 3 mature eggs, Tab clomiphene citrate or Inj — HMG/FSH are given to stimulate the growth of the follicles and cause ovulation at a predicted time.


Monitoring Treatment – It is done to measure the growth of follicles, individualize drug doses and prevent side-effects. Usually folliculometry is done by transvaginal ultrasound scanning (twice or thrice in a treatment cycle) or by measuring LH and E2 in blood samples.  


Sperm Sample – It is prepared in the laboratory and given on the day ofovulation.


Insemination – The processed sperm sample is directly placed in the uterus using a catheter. It may be done over two consecutive days around the time of ovulation or after confirmed ovulation. The process is painless.


Pregnancy Testing – A blood test (beta hCG) or urinary pregnancy test is conducted after a period of 14 – 16 days of ovulation, to determine whether the women is pregnant or not.




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