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Infertility can be treated either medically or surgically.


Under medical treatment, the ovulation induction process is implemented for women who do not produce eggs regularly. Drugs used for the treatment are:

infertility treatment


Some cases of infertility have to be treated through surgical procedures, such as:


infertility treatments

Laparoscopic wedge resection of the polycystic ovaries is also done in certain cases.


Microsurgery can be done in cases of blocked tubes. But the success rate is not very encouraging


Operative laparoscopy enables surgeons to remove tumours from uterus, ovaries and treat other defects without conducting an open surgery. This technique is known as minimally invasive surgery, as it involves minimal discomfort to the patients. Operative laparoscopy is effective in cases of adhesions, endimetriosis, pelvic tuberculosis, fibroids, ovarian tumours and cysts.



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